Storms Bröllop & Event

Branding / Logo

Storm is a fresh new wedding & event planner in Sweden who is looking to give the industry some new life. The client wanted a brand that stood out against the boring, typical white wedding look. She wanted to reach customers who were seeking that special look and the event that they have been dreaming of since being a kid.

Branding An Event Planner

An event planner has to communicate luxury, party and style. Storm had a dream to do this in a new way. Together we worked on a brand that was loud and fun at the same time as luxurious and serious. Just like a wedding party should be. A perfect blend of splendour and fun.

The simple dark design stands out against the traditional white wedding style. The typography shows class and is interesting enough to pull in attention.

En hand som håller instagram med Stormsevent
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Uppvsning av loggorna


Represents the dreams of the customers that helps them plan their dream event. Also stands for the bright side of a storm and how it helps you get things done.

Bild av varubil design för stormsevent
Färgerna som representerar företaget

Typography & colors

The colors were carefully selected to communicate excellence and luxury. Offblack and a creamy offgrey. The green and yellow are used as sparely as a pop of color to catch attention and communicate important things.

The typograhy was inspired by old blackletter design. Combined with Neue Haas Grotesque you get a clean, modern font that work well together.

Corporate identity
Bild av logga på papper
Visning av hur företaget använder tryck
Diverse produkter

Other Work

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