Branding / Logo / Website

Iverskog media is a talented wedding videographer that wanted help to reach his customers through digital platforms. I helped him design a brand identity that shows the timeless feeling that his videos give.

Animation of logo

Branding a wedding videographer

The logo is meant to represent what Iverskog offers his clients in an abstract way.

The bookmark shows that he aims to capture stories that can be looked back on later. The film strip shows that he works with timeless films. Together they create a strong icon that is unique and tells a compelling story.

Mockup of website
Logo construction
Mockup of invitation card for wedding photographer Iverskog Media
Mockup of USB flash drive

Typography & colors

The typography was carefully selected to give an elegant and dreamy feel. Together with the colors, they represent the basis of the graphic identity. The colors were chosen to feel dreamy and woodsy while standing out against the traditional, white design of the competitors.

Brand Typography
Brand colors
Business card on leaf and rock

Website design

For the website I made sure to place myself in the shoes of the couples that are looking to get married. What are they looking for when searching for a wedding videographer? What do they need to know to be motivated to take the step to contact Iverskog?

We wanted the website to clearly showcase the great films that Iverskog creates. We did this with powerful moving elements and stunning background videos.

Phone website
Website screenshotWebsite screenshotWebsite screenshotWebsite screenshotWebsite screenshotWebsite screenshot
Polaroids of wedding couple on wall

Other Work

Look through other pieces of work or contact us if you want to get in touch.