Branding / Logo / Vehicle

Hyttesnekkeriet is a woodworking company in Bergen, Norway that wanted help to create a brand that would represent their company values and attract customers.

Woodworking bench with tools and gloves
Logo of Jesus holding tools

Branding a quality woodworker

The goal for the branding was trying find a good balance between the feeling of quality & vibrancy. The client wanted the brand identity to showcase how the company makes quality products, but still is a vibrant company.The logo is used to represent the owner in various ways that make the design feel personal and close to the user.

An illustration of a laptop with logo
Components of the logo
Mockup of van with logo and illustration

Typography & colors

The typography represents the brand system in the way that it pairs an elegant header typeface in Sybarite with a more vibrant body & subheader copy in Poppins.

The wood colors also give the elegant feeling and ties with the clients work while the orange acts as a kick of color that sparks attention and life.

Typography of brand
Colors of the brand
Mockup of business cards for woodworker hyttesnekkeriet
Mockup of woodworking apron

Other Work

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